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Global News
SBS Team Library
August 9, 2005

Topic: Project
I'm posting my first batch of 2005 stats. On the links on the right, there will be a new Project link, showing the 2005 stats... I'll also post this on the SBS forum.

The stats are available at

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 11:21 PM ADT
Updated: August 9, 2005 11:27 PM ADT
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August 7, 2005
Minor update
Added a few things:

Uploaded the customs teams and seasons from the old site, and the links now work.
Revamped the 1998 season by creating a new set of dats.

I'll be working at taking old version seasons and replacing the dats with fuller stats, with what is available. If anyone has any requests of which season I'll do next, this is a blog, so you can leave comments, or post on the SBS forum.

Mischa sent me a few other packs, and they will appear on my next update.

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 12:04 AM ADT
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July 24, 2005
July Update
I recieved a few new files, and later this week, I'll begin transfer of custom seasons and teams.

What's new:

New Files added
* 1946 Mexican League
* 1923 Negro National League. Heavy Johnson won the triple crown to lead the Kansas City Monarchs to their first title.
* Redone 2004 season.
* Modified 1987 season with unscrambled names and correct divisions.

Custom teams
* Players drafted 3rd overall

Changes found and fixed
* Sergei Borisov found the 2004 Japanese Pacific League (*J) has the wrong
triple total in the baseball.cfg file - it should be 143. I was off by 40
or 50.
* On the 1894 MLB set, Willard Brown (Louisville) accidentally has the i in
his first name capitalized, and Wilbert Robinson's

Also, I will soon add the 1953 South Atlantic League (class A), which was just sent to me by Mischa Gelman.

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 10:49 PM ADT
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June 26, 2005
New major update
Topic: Seasons
A major update which is about a month or so in the works. A good variety of minor league files.

New Files added Jun 24 16 kB 1954 Western League (class A) featuring Earl Weaver, Bill White and Sparky Anderson Jun 9 13 kB 1952 Appalachian League (class D), the season in which Ron Necciai struck out 27 in a game. May 25 14 kB 1956 Texas League Jun 15 23 kB 1978 Pacific Coast League (AAA). Familiar names include Bob Welch and Pedro Guerrero May 8 15 kB '55 Southern Association (AA) pack featuring Luis Aparicio. Jun 21 22 kB Updated/expanded pack of the AAA All-Star Teams, now including all 16 teams from the inaugural '88 AAA All-Star game through '95 May 29 29 kB 2000 Japanese Central and Pacific Leagues, the latter featuring Ichiro Suzuki winning his 7th straight batting title just before heading to the US May 23 15 kB 1950 All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, in which Bonnie Baker became the only female manager in league history.

Changes found and fixed
* In the 2000 Japan pack, I accidentally said Sadaharu Oh is half-Korean. He is half-Taiwanese, not half-Korean
* Also I found another typo - Jack McCarthy's name is misspelled on the 1894 Cincinatti club
* Luis Montes has his last name misspelled on '40 Monterrey (Mexican League)
* On 1894 Pittsburgh, I have George Nicol (TL, batting unknown) as a lefty hitter and on Louisville as a righty hitter. I guess he should be batting lefty for both.

Changes found but not fixed.
* Michael Tucker has his first name misspelled (a and e transposed) on the 2001 Reds
* Toby Hall's name is misspelled on Tampa Bay (Roby Hall) in the 2001 MLB pack
Reason: I don't have a 2001 season, I only transferred the 4.5 seasons from the old site.)

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 12:28 AM ADT
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May 12, 2005
Another quick update
Topic: Seasons
* A revised version of the '86 PCL (a couple more paragraphs for the season summary and name adjustments)
* A revised copy of the '19 MLB season (HBP codes, r/l codes, pitcher batting lines, park effects added)
* The 1957 American Association (AAA) season featuring Bob Gibson and Orlando Cepeda. Included are 8 team .dats, a schedule file and a text file about the season.

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 12:50 AM ADT
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Topic: Seasons
There is an errata to the 1994 season, Jack McDowell's name was misspelled. It is now fixed.

New seasons:
1871 National Association.
1929 New York-Penn League.
Set of US Olympic and National teams.
1994 Mexican League (AAA).

Revised 1936 pack.
Revised '86 AA pack.
Revised '87 IL packs.
Revised '43 All-American Girls Pro Baseball League

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 12:26 AM ADT
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May 6, 2005
Seasons ready for download
Topic: Global News
I've all the 4.5 seasons (except minor league teams, which I'll add tomorrow) from the site, and the first batch of Mischa's newest projects.

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 12:14 AM ADT
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April 10, 2005
Starting transfer
I've started transferring files from the old site to the new one, I have the 4.5 style seasons downloaded and will add them on the site when I have the chance.

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 11:42 AM ADT
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April 9, 2005
Library opening
Topic: Global News
I believe this will be the new home of the SBS team library. There are many tools available to us, and we have 20 MB of files to work with.

I hope I can get the database up soon.

- Pat

Posted by sbsteamlibrary at 1:10 AM ADT
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